Tennis & Fitness wear for women...

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Our goal is to provide stylish, affordable tennis, fitness & lifestyle clothes, encouraging women to be active & feel confident.

If you’re feeling good, you’re playing great.




"No matter how old you are, what size or shape you are, or what career you have, being active in some way should be part of every women's life.


Whether you are a tennis player, gym enthusiast, dancer, yogi, or even a free runner, we believe it is essential that your garments perform, feel good, aid your chosen activity and look great. That way you will too".



We use one core fabric across our performance pieces. It’s designed to absorb sweat and odor, allowing a seamless (and comfortable) transition on & off the court. 


The name 30Fifteen references the tennis score where the server is in the lead, but needs to stay focused on the game to carry on with the victory.

“It’s a reflection on life and self-growth in that there’s a win coming, but you still need to fight and put in the hard work.”
Emily Tonkin, Owner.