Behind The Brand: 30Fifteen



Emily created 30Fifteen with a vision to make women feel confident and comfortable while working out or playing sport. Emily trained as a professional dancer, but when her dance career came to an impromptu end, she turned her creativity to the fashion industry, graduating from FIDM, Los Angeles in June 2010. It was her transition from the dance floor to the corporate design world, where Emily realized how vital for her mind, body and soul it was that she was active on a daily basis. It wasn't long until Emily asked the question, 'why can't women be as stylish as they are in the gym, on the court or in a class as they are during the day?' 30Fifteen was born. 

Emily Jane is the heart and the soul of the company, a certified dance & yoga teacher, she encourages women to find what they love to do, and to do more of it. Play tennis, dance, spin, run, skip, walk, sun salute, swim, join a team, whatever it is just be active and feel good.  

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