It's officially pumpkin season, and if you're anything like us, trying to resist the mouthwatering goodness of those pumpkin pies is just not the kind of negativity we want to bring into our lives! 
Like always, we say balance. Enjoy the season, but also stay active and reward yourself with some movement. 

Here's a 30 minute workout we've called the Pumpkin Burner, cause, well- I don't think we need to explain! 

30Fifteen Pumpkin Burner Circuit.jpg

Not sure what some of the exercises are? Here's a quick low down. 

Walk out to Plank,

Fast Feet

Single Leg Hip Raise

Mountain Climbers

Alternating lunge

Jumping Jacks 

Full Press Up

Tricep Dips

Skater Toe Touch

Bear Crawl

V- Up

Gymnastic Ab Pulse

Hollow Back Hold

Get interactive and share your workouts with us on social media by tagging @30fifteen, we'd love to see them!