If you’re a frequent visitor to the site you probably-like us- play a lot of Tennis! You’re probably aware of that it’s good for your health but are you aware of HOW good for you it is?

Lets get factual! Here’s 5 reasons why tennis is good for your health.

It gets your heart rate up

Bjorn Borg accurately characterized a tennis match as “a thousand little sprints”. It’s this quick anaerobic movements that get your heart rate up, burns fat, and promotes higher energy levels. In short, it’s an incredible cardiovascular workout.

Works and tones the entire body

Not only is this game great for your cardiovascular health. It also combines rigorous strength training of the entire body. You’re working your legs, arms, upper body and core on every shot. What’s great too is, it’s not just in a static repetitive set of muscles. As a player, you’re required to move back and forth, side to side and at differing speeds, which tests the muscles in your legs.

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 Improves and maintains brain development

Tennis is a mind game in more than one way. It’s based on geometry and physics and can help develop tactical thinking – like chess. It encourages you to stay alert and think tactically to develop shot patterns – developing new connections between nerves in the brain.

Played over many years tennis can improve and maintains brain development, keeping you alert and sharp well into your golden years.

 Improves coordination and other motor skills

You develop the fine motor skills required in ball striking, gauging distance and personal coordination the more you play tennis. The sport tests your balance, speed, footwork and hand-eye coordination. The better you get with these on the court, you’ll notice how they improve in other aspects of your life also!

Raises your self esteem

It’s been known that tennis has psychological benefits. A player learns quite quickly to overcome one’s “mind chatter”, and get present to each point, but it has also been said that it can raise your self-esteem, vigor and optimism more so than other sports. Regularly playing tennis can help you keep motivated on your professional path, as well as help you overcome obstacles that you may encounter in your personal life.