It's been a busy month here at 30Fifteen and before we know it, here we are at the end of it! 
We predict you are all out trick or treatin' but on the off chance you aren't and you're looking for some motivation to get you through the last two months of 2017,
here's a recap:

Sometimes what is, is meant to be

30Fifteen quote 10.9 (1).jpg

I followed my heart, it led me to the tennis courts

30Fifteen quote 10.8.jpg

Getting through today one sip of coffee at a time

August 21st.jpg

Win if you can, lose if you must but never give up

sept 7 .jpg

You've totally got this!

30fifteen 29th september quote.jpg

Dreams + Work = Success

sept 25th quote.jpg

Don't let the skirt fool you

sept quote 8.jpg

May your day be wonderful

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