Happy Monday everyone! Yep- it’s the beginning of the week again, and as always, here is a motivational quote to get you starting the week in the best way possible.

Here’s today’s quote:

10.3.17 Motivational Quote.jpg


Today’s quote reminds us that you have control over only one thing in the universe –your thinking – and that’s where the magic happens. You can train yourself to control how you react to situations by using your thoughts. Just like the quote highlights – you have two choices in any given situation: to view the difficulty in the opportunity or the opportunity in the difficulty. This also applies in controlling how you feel in any situation – you have the control over whether you want to feel good or not. Yes, we here you saying “But what about when someone is rude, mean or disrespectful towards me”. We’re here to remind you, even then you have the control. You can decide whether you’re going to wallow in self-pity or get mad and punch a wall- they are YOUR choices. No one else’s. You need to become more aware of how you react to things through your thinking. Now we hear you say “I don’t think it’s that simple” Well, it is. It just takes some effort and can feel hard at times. Especially when outside factors come into play. We want to remind you today though, that you are strong enough to control your thoughts, allowing you to feel good. Whatever you give your focus will ultimately be the result in how you feel. Why do you think “Fake it til you make it” is so widely used? It’s because if you dominate your thoughts with you CAN, you’ll start to believe it and those “cant’s” will melt away.

So readers, this week remember you are the ones in control of what you think, try this week to make it more loving, kind and compassionate.