Today we're continuing on with our relaxation focus and what's a better way than revealing the health benefits of relaxation. 

Keeps acne at bay

Researchers aren’t entirely sure why, but stress seems to increase the amount of oil produced by the skin, clogging pores and causing breakouts. We’ve all tried the toothpaste trick but meditation might be the way forward!

Increases your limbo

The most common reason for women and men to lose that "lovin’ feeling" is stress! Which seems ironic as sex can be a great stress reliever. Stay relaxed and you’ll want to do more activities that keep you relaxed.

Protects your heart

You’ve probably heard stress can increase your blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks and other heart problems. When your body experiences a sudden stress -  your body releases an amount of adrenaline which sometimes is too much for the heart to handle.  So keeping yourself relaxed and using tools to help you come with stress more rationally keeps your heart healthy.  

Lowers risk of catching a cold

According to Sheldon Cohen, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Carnegie Mellon University, if you are going through a period of chronic stress that lasts more than a month but less than six months it can double your risk of catching a cold. The information is a little uncertain why but he believes it must do with inflammation and the stress in your body limiting your body’s ability to fight the infections. No one likes a cold, so keep them at bay with a little R&R.

Boosts your memory

It’s true when your mind gets overwhelmed from stress it is hard to think straight, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to learn that stress plays a toll on your memory too. Over coming stress and learning to relax will help your memory stay young.

Keeps you slim

Stress can make it harder for you to resist the comfort foods that help you relax and feel calmer. Most peoples comfort foods are high in fat and sugar meaning you may pack on the pounds. Cortisol also increases your appetite and may also increase junk food cravings, so staying calm is good for your waistline!

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Lowers stroke risk

Again, you’ll have heard stress can increase your blood pressure which can lead to strokes and other heart problems. There have been studies showing people who cope better with stress have a 24% lower risk of having a stroke. (2007 Study from Cambridge University)

Elevates Mood

In humans, the prolonged presence of stress hormone cortisol can reduce levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are linked to depression. So staying relaxed or coping with stress better can elevate your mood.

Helps you make better decisions

It’s no surprise that when you’re under stress, you might not always be thinking so clearly, but it can actually cloud your judgement when making any form of decision.

Delays the process of disease

Relaxing not only seems to delay the process of disease but may speed up the recovery. If you are currently disease free, relaxing now can keep you healthier later