With it being Thanksgiving tomorrow, we thought it was only appropriate to post TWO workouts! Before you get ahead of yourselves, only one is a high intensity workout. The other one is a yoga based workout designed to chill you out, because lets face it, yes, you'll probably eat a lot of food tomorrow (and you'll want to counteract that with a good workout) but you'll probably also want to throw a punch at, at least one family member - if you don't, was it really even thanksgiving? (We're half kidding). 

Here's your first workout. We've called it the Thanksgiving Burner, because that's exactly what it's designed to do- burn! It's a full body workout, targeting, well, the full body, duh! However, it's a good combination of cardio, then toning. We target, the arms, legs, butt, and tummy! You'll definitely want your turkey tomorrow! 

30Fifteen Thanksgiving Burner.jpg

Just here for the Savasana?  Yup, us too, always! This yoga sequence really is designed to calm you down. The holidays can sometimes bring out the worst in all of us - we're even guilty of it! So, allow yourself 10 minutes to get on your mat, without thinking about the turkey, the family, the friends, the politics, and allow your body to move and your mind to ease. 
We love this sequence so much because it's only 10 minutes and you don't need to have had a lot of yoga experience to do it alone and safely. You will feel so much better afterwards! 

Why aren't you on your mat yet? 

30Fifteen Calming Yoga Sequence.jpg

There aren't any transition ques in the above sequence, which for those who are new to yoga might find a little strange. So, just move from pose to pose in a way your body feels comfortable. However, we suggest you either walk your hands to meet your feet from Downward Dog - Forward Fold or move your feet towards your hands, and we strongly encourage you to roll up slowly from the forward fold to Tadasana.(Allow your head to be the last thing that lifts) That way you won't feel dizzy.
Hold each pose for 5-10 breaths. Cat/Cow is a movement, so go through 5 - 10 cycles of that, on your breath. (Inhale chest forward, tailbone high, Cow. Exhale concave the back, release the neck, Cat). 
In Tadasana give yourself the option to place your hands at your heart and close your eyes if you like. You could set an intention for your practice, day ahead there, or just focus on your breath.
If you're unsure of any of the poses listed. Below are links to some images to help:
Childs Pose
Downward Dog
Forward fold
Happy Baby
Figure Four Stretch
Supta Baddha Konasana

With these two workouts you can decide what you need most. Do you need to get your heart rate up? Then choose the Thanksgiving Burner, but if your heart rate is already up - opt for the Yoga sequence, your mind, body and company will be thankful you did! 

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