Well hello there!

It’s probably nice to start this blog with a little introduction.
My name is Aniek van Koot, 27 years of age and I come from the land of cheese and tulips, Holland! I’m a professional wheelchair tennis player. Yes, wheelchair! Due to a little malfunction in my body, missing my right leg, I play in a wheelchair. But what many of you probably didn’t know that wheelchair tennis is actually a huge Paralympic sport! Just like in able-bodied tennis, we have a yearlong tour filled with chances to visit the most beautiful places on this earth. Wheelchair tennis is also included at all the grand slams!

Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to have some amazing sponsors that help me to travel the world and chase my dreams. Because unlike able-bodied tennis, in wheelchair tennis you don’t earn millions. I can live comfortable but I need to work hard for this, and hey that’s ok!
A week for me consists of many training hours on and off court. If I’m not chasing that yellow ball, I’m training with my physical trainer or talking to my sports psychologist.

I’ve had the privilege to see all the continents of this earth with my travels. From Australia to Rio de Janeiro and from Japan to New York. And luckily always in style thanks to 30Fifteen!

Back in 2013 I was fortunate enough to play in the beautiful outfits of 30Fifteen, and now this year we started working together again. I’m super proud to have the help from 30Fifteen. Not only can i look good on court in the beautiful dresses and tops, I can also feel good on court. When you feel good on court, you’re already two games ahead against your opponent.

So, it truly was very special to play in 30Fifteen on Arthur Ashe Stadium during the US Open, the biggest tennis stadium in the world!!

The year is almost coming to an end, but I still have two big tournaments to go. The Doubles Masters and the Singles Masters. I’m excited to go out there again and try my very best. In the beginning of 2018 I will head to Australia for four weeks and to play the Australian Open. I can’t wait to play in the sun wearing my Anna dresses!

So, this was my little introduction, I hope you enjoyed reading it! I will be back soon with some stories of my adventures somewhere around the world!



Aniek at US Open 2017, in our  Ashley Top

Aniek at US Open 2017, in our Ashley Top