There's a crazy rumor going around that Britain is now the fattest country in Western Europe, which, if true, is a terrifying thought. When/how/why did we become so unhealthy? 
Our lives are busier now, and we're breeding generations that can't wait for anything, so maybe we're all using that as an excuse? Quite frankly, that's not an excuse. Now, more than ever, living a healthy balanced lifestyle is easy. 
Here are seven things you can do today to be healthier. 

Drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water a day!

Did you know we can survive up to three weeks without food but just three days without water? That's because our body is made up of 60% water! So it's pretty important for us to be consuming the H20 for optimum health! It also helps detoxify the body, prevent constipation, regulates body temperature (just to name a few).  But, we understand it's often not the most appealing beverage to consume, so here are some tips/tricks to get that water inside of you:
1) Have a mug of hot water with slice of lemon and maybe a little manduka honey, first thing before you reach for the tea or coffee
2) Infuse your water - add some mint, cucumber or other fav fruits to make your water feel like a luxurious treat (we've got some recipes for you here)
3) Take a glass of water with you to bed. As soon as your alarm goes off in the morning, drink the entire glass before you hit the shower
4) Invest in a water bottle, for when you're out and about. 

Have Breakfast

A while ago celebrities shared stories of keeping in shape by not having breakfast - celebrity or not- this isn't healthy!! First thing after hydrating your body, it now needs some fuel. It can be something as small as a piece of fruit, or something protein based like a yoghurt if you're rushing around but you must have something. All the studies show that by eating a healthy breakfast you're more likely to eat healthily throughout the day. It also helps regulate your metabolism and blood sugars - keeping your body operating with out major dips in energy levels.
Some great protein-led options are eggs, oats/porridge, add protein powder to a fruit smoothie or nut butter on toast (our trusty fav). 

Move your body for 30 minutes (at least) 

It's hard to face facts, but our lifestyles are just not as active as they were 10 years ago. A lot more of us are sat behind computers or at desks for long periods of time, making us sluggish and tired, so, by the end of the day the last thing you want to do is head to the gym! Moving your body doesn't have to be 'going to the gym'. Instead, make it something enjoyable. Like a nice walk around your local park, or kick a football around the park with some friends, or jog a little next time you take the dog for a walk! (Yes it's a little chilly this time of the year for some) but wrap up warm and get outside. It's free and it's always there! 



This is what keeps you full and energized and guess what - healthy! Protein doesn't just come from meat, there are so many plant based proteins available that give you a ton of nutrients and minerals as well. For optimum health you should aim to have some form of protein with every meal or snack. 
Here are some some examples:

Peanut butter and slices of apple
Smoothie with protein powder
Hard boiled egg
Trail mix (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and almonds)

Potion Control

Portion control has been talked about for a long time, how do you measure a handful? Or is it a palm...All too often we fill up on 'carbs' such as rice, potato or pasta when we should be using vegetables as the main 'carb'.  Here's a good example of how your plate should be divided up. We stick this on our fridge - it helps us create healthy dinners.  

Plate example 30Fifteen.jpg



A lot of us never put this in the same category as health and wellness, which is a scary truth! Rest is as important as moving your body. They both just have to be done the same amount. Your body is not designed to go and go, it just can't function like that. That's when stress symptoms come up or worse you burn out! That's your bodies way of saying "Please rest". So to be clear - you don't need to be doing a 90 minute yoga class every day, or a HIIT workout everyday to be healthy. Your body needs rest days! It allows your body to absorb all the hard work you've put it through and recover from it. So kick back, watch some TV shows or movies, read a book or take a bubble bath regularly. We're telling you, that you deserve it!