Yoga isn't about being the strongest or the most flexible. It's about getting on your mat, breathing with your body with the aim to feel great afterwards. 
You don't need to do a 90 minute class - but if you have the time - awesome! Let's take the pressure off though, you can still get the benefits of yoga if you can only get on your mat for 10 minutes! 

Here's five yoga poses you can do daily and why they are beneficial:

Child's Pose

We LOVE this pose. It's one you can easily drop into when you're at home, any time of the day. Allow the mat to hold your body weight as you direct breath all around your body. 

Child's pose.jpg


Low Lunge (both legs)

This is an ideal daily stretch, because it gets right into our hip flexors, quads and psoas muscles. When these are right it can cause back pain and sometimes knee pain, so it's essential you give them some attention daily. Especially if you've been driving, sitting at a desk or walking a lot throughout the day. 


Forward Fold

Often this pose will help us when we are feeling most stressed or anxious, it allows our blood pressure to lower and potentially calm your central nervous system. Physically, it can be intense on your hamstrings, so we always start with bent knees (especially if cold) and ease into deepening the stretch by straightening the legs. 


Sphinx Pose

We are all at computers and devices way more than ever before, and this pose aims to counteract the hunch posture using these devices causes. It's a great pose to do in the mornings or early evenings, to help boost your mood too!

Sphinx Pose.jpg


Hip Opener

 Figure four is a great stretch-one we highly recommend, because it's one you can soften into at any point of the day, which releases tension from you hips. Lower back pain and knee pain can be caused by your hips being tight, so we encourage you to stretch your hips with this stretch. 

Forward fold.jpg


Please note you are incharge of your own body- we cannot be held responsible for any injury that may occur by copying this video! Always ask your doctor before you do physical exercise especially if on any form of medication and/or dealing with an injury!