These colder mornings, are making it really difficult to get going, even for morning people! You're in control of how your mornings unfold the next couple of months, but we're here with some tips on how to, potentially, make it easier! 

Eat Breakfast!

Honestly, just do it! You can't expect your mind or body to respond correctly, if you're not going to fuel it. 

Coffee .jpg

Preset your coffee machine

If you have the luxury - make the most of this feature! The aroma might even reach into your bedroom - making it easier for you to get up. At the least, it'll save a good couple minutes, waiting for it brew. 

Prep your outfit, makeup, lunch and gym bag the night before

It will save time and make it easier for you to get out the door on time in the morning.

Wake up early, to get in some “me” time before work.

A 4:30am start is a little extreme, but you might be surprised at the change it makes to your daily routine.   

Hit Snooze.

There's something psychological about waking up and then knowing you can fall asleep for a little bit longer! So, we suggest setting your alarm a little earlier, that way you can still hit snooze, enjoy shutting your eyes for a little bit longer but actually get out of bed on time!

Glass of water .jpg


Drink a large glass of what as soon as you wake up.

A lot of the time we feel tired when we wake up because we’re dehydrated. That water will help you feel awake instantly.

Go for a short walk before you start working.

If you can, walk to work, but this is a great way to clear your mind, and get focused for your day ahead.  

If you work out in the mornings, try sleeping in your workout gear or at least part of it.

That could save you time, and keep you motivated.

to do list


Spend five minutes reviewing your days schedule/ to-do-list.

That way before you’ve stepped out of the door you’re aware of everything you need to do.

Play some music

While you’re getting dressed and eating breakfast, it will get you in a good mood.

Tested any of these out? Let us know how it worked out!