Happy Monday, the last Monday before Christmas, and the second to last of the year!!
*Oh my gosh! 
It's relatively common to start reflecting upon the past year as it closes out; What's changed, what hasn't; which goals did you accomplish etc... While this is a great tool to help you plan and get ready for 2018, 2017 isn't over yet! We want you to finish out the year, strong so don't start reflecting yet... 

When you need to be reminded

This week we encourage you to not only "do a little extra" towards your goals, but also for other people! Do you know someone who's had a pretty rough time this year, or is alone during the holidays? Reach out to them, send them a handwritten card, do a something that shows you care, and that they aren't alone. In fact, why not send those who you care about a little handwritten note, or pick up the phone and call them! It's something you probably don't do a lot, but we are sure the receiver will be so happy you did it! We'd love everyone who read this to do a little extra for the people they love and care about. No pressure though, obviously! 

You can also apply this quote towards your goals. Add that little extra to a project you've been working on maybe even get it wrapped up before the New Year. How great would that feel? Adding an extra something to anything might make it stand out more, make it more special and potentially more successful. Not everyone takes the time to add a little something extra, why not be one of those special minorities? 

Have an amazing week, stay warm, stay calm - Santa is on his way!