Trying to figure out how to get your workout in this holiday season? “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” but it can be the busiest and carving out time for your workout / self-care can quickly disappear.

So, we’ve come up with two cardio workouts that will hopefully make getting your workout in a little easier, packing in a whole lot of activity into just 30 mins!  

This first workout is very cardio based. It does require you to go outside or use a treadmill though. So, if you’re not down for a cold 30 mins outside, or heading over to the gym, scroll down to the second option.

When you just need 30 minute cardio

Run Walk Jog cardio workout

This second workout, doesn’t need any equipment and all you need is a space large enough to lie down on… ah lying down, sounds good, should we just leave it at that?!

Just kidding, here’s another workout option – ideal when you want to work, but you don’t / can’t leave the house.

When you've got a small space indoors

Indoor Cardio Circuit To Try

We hope you find some time today, or this week to try these workouts, let us know what you think in the comments below!