It's the first Monday in December! Hold on one second while we jump up and down for a couple of minutes!! 

Ok, we're back- thanks for being patient! Are you feeling as excited as we are? If not, hopefully by the end of this post, you'll be there! 

Here's this week's quote:

We know it's kind of a cliche quote, but sometimes that never hurt anyone. We want to remind you today that, this is the ONLY December you'll have this year-meaning there isn't another...see where we're going with this?... Like all the other months, weeks, days, you've had this year, they won't be happening again. There is no dress rehearsal, this is the live show. So make the most of every day, week, month! If you're looking back at your year, and feeling a little bit frustrated that you're not where you wanted to  be by this time. Let go of those thoughts - they aren't helpful. Instead use them to make this a month to remember! Those who make the most of their months, have a game plan on how/when they're going to make things happen. 

Below is a link to a helpful spreadsheet you can use to map out the next month. Get your game plan together so next December you're where you want to  be!