It's Wednesday - which means we've got a workout for you! 
We've reconnected with our youth and fallen back in love with our jump ropes lately. So, you will need a jump rope for this CARDIO AB BLAST circuit! However, if you're wanting to workout today and don't have one, we recommend you substitute the jump rope for jumping jacks or high knees. 

If your not sure of some of the ab exercises click here to read through and find a breakdown. 

30Fifteen cardio ab blast workout.jpg


This circuit is amazing because we're getting your heart rate up and then toning the same muscle group over and over. This is how you burn fat and get the ultimate result. Your abs will be burning by the end of your third rep, meaning your abs are that bit stronger than they were before you did it. 

We recommend three reps heck in with your body before, during and after each rep to see if you need to do less or more. 


Please note you are in charge of your own body- we cannot be held responsible for any injury that may occur by copying this workout. Always ask your doctor before you do physical exercise especially if on any form of medication and/or dealing with an injury!