Obviously, we're huge fans of the sport, but there is a huge shortage of females between the ages of 25- 35 playing tennis and we can't figure out why! If you've been looking at starting to play Tennis - do it! Here's all the reasons why we love it! 

It's a great workout

This might be an obvious one, but lets face it, we're always trying to find what's a hot new workout, or what will help us burn some energy and tone us in the right places. Well tennis does all that! You're getting high cardio and building strength while you're at it. Not to mention how it fires up your abs with every hit! Your workout dilemma is over without even realising it! 

You meet new people

We get it, you get to an age and you really aren't sure if you want to meet new people. The hashtag #nonewfriends is scarily popular. However, how many of us are struggling to find that certain someone, and spend hours on dating apps? What if your future S.O. plays tennis?? What a fabulous outcome! 

Get fresh air

We love playing Tennis outside, we understand these winter months that make that a little bit tricky, but more of the year than not is spent on an outside court and there's nothing better than exercising outside. Especially if you're stuck inside with your job all day, getting the heart rate and some fresh air into your lungs is like nothing else! 

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It's good for your brain

Tennis requires a lot more brain power than most sports and much more than being in the gym! You need to be able to think tactically with shots and game play. It keeps your brain alert which will be beneficial as you age. 

You're always learning

The game is different every time you step onto the court which is why we love it so much. You need to be able to adapt to your opponent, which is always a learning experience. You will also learn how you react in certain situations, there will be days where you just can't get your serve in or your rhythm is off. You learn something about yourself and/or your game every time you set onto the court. 

It's Fun! 

It really is! What a great way to get fit, socialize and have a good time. We can't recommend it enough. Get out there and hit some balls!