It’s official! It’s the first day of February, which means it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and more importantly, it’s almost the day after Valentine’s Day. It’s the Black Friday for chocolate lovers, where all the chocolate goes on sale, and we are left struggling to hold onto our New Year’s Resolution.  Luckily for us, cocoa – the main ingredient in chocolate – is actually pretty healthy! Don’t get us wrong, chocolate, particularly sugar-filled white or milk chocolate, is not the next superfood healthy craze, but if you stick to dark chocolate and you eat it in moderation, you could reap some serious health benefits. Check out these 3 very good excuses to eat more chocolate.

1)    It’s nutritious.
Chocolate with a high cocoa content has a good amount of fiber and minerals like iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, and potassium.

2)    It’s full of antioxidants.
Dark chocolate, which has a higher cocoa content than other chocolates, is full of things like polyphenols and flavanols. Basically, it’s loaded with antioxidants that protect you from free radicals.

3)    It could lower your blood pressure.
The flavanols found in dark chocolate can also stimulate the arteries, increasing blood flow, and increased blood flow means lower blood pressure and even more hydrated skin.

While the benefits of eating chocolate are definitely there, it’s also important to remember it can be very high in fats and sugar. That’s why we stick to chocolate with a high cocoa content and try to eat them in moderation. It may be a different story come February 15th.