Signing up and actually showing up to a spin class is by far the easiest part of this entire process. Spin is not easy - but for some reason Team 30Fifteen finds themselves going back to it time and time again. Now, if you've never taken a spin class before - we hope this doesn't stop you from ever trying one, please Google your local studio and try it! It really is a great workout, but if you have been to a spin class before, we are more than certain you'll relate to some of these thoughts. 

1.     Why is it so dark and so loud?
2.     Can music drown out your over active mind? I guess we’ll see.
3.     Does that girl not know that bike is directly under the speaker- someone hand the girl some earplugs! So, happy that’s not me...
4.     How is this 7am class always packed…I know it took me every ounce of mental might to get me here… but that girl looks like it’s the middle of the afternoon – how is she so perky! What’s your secret?
5.     Ugh I’m so tired, I might leave early, I love this instructor though.
6.     Ok, outta the saddle -let’s do this.
7.     Oh this. Is. A. TUNE
8.     Yes, I’m finding the beat, we can do this.
9.     I feel weightless
10.  That sprint felt good- maybe that 2nd glass of wine wasn’t a bad decision.
11.  I think I’m in amazing shape!
12.  Oh wait- nope – my legs now feel like lead!
13.  Can the teacher see that I’m just pretending to turn the resistance up?
14.   Will this hill climb ever stop?
15.  This feels longer than 3 minutes
16.  How many tracks in are we?
17.  Is your heart supposed to beat this fast?
18.  Breathe in through your nose out through your mouth
19.  I don’t think I’m going to make it through this.
20.  I’m in a room full of professional athletes! There’s no way they are normal fitness level like me.
21.  How is she going that fast? My legs will not go any faster
22.  There is sweat dripping off my arms!
23.  Where are the fans? Let’s put the fans on people! If you wanted to sweat more – go to the back – it’s a sauna back here! Yes, thank you! AIR!!!
24.  Yes a slower track, thank goodness!
25.  Ok, I’ve got this.
26.  I can do this.
27.  Ugh it’s so hard. I can’t breathe and peddle – I feel like that’s an impossible combo right now!
28.  Yes let’s go home!! – thank you last track!!
29.  Oh and she’s brought the tune, yes, I feel motivated, yes I am a warrior!
30.  Thank goodness that’s over!!

Do you have any thoughts we missed? Share in the comments below!