We all have those days where the idea of hitting the gym makes us cringe.

“If I just skip one day it can’t hurt, right?”
“I’ve been working hard. I'll go tomorrow.”
“Call it a cheat day?”

Sound familiar? We’re all guilty of it, and while you have been working hard, it’s all too easy to slip into a pattern of cheat days. So, if you’re looking for a way to motivate yourself go get active, you could try telling yourself one (or all. No judgement here) of 3 these things that we tell ourselves when we’re feeling unmotivated.  

“You will feel amazing and totally refreshed afterwards.”
It’s no secret that working out releases endorphins, and endorphins feel good. In fact, if you happened to read yesterday’s 5 Fast Facts Friday: Endorphins post, you’re practically an expert on the subject. Endorphins do it all. They can ease pain, fight depression, elevate mood – the list goes on and on.

“A short workout is better than no workout at all.”
If you’re not feeling like fitness, it’s nice to remember that a short workout is better than nothing. You don’t have to run a half-marathon. You don’t have to compete in a CrossFit Challenge. A 20-minute workout will do just fine!

“You will sleep like a rock, tonight.”
Sleep is a serious thing, and when you’re active during the day, you sleep better at night. When you sleep better at night, you have better days. It’s a cycle.

Well, there you have it – 3 things the 30Fifteen Team says when we don’t want to get up for spin class. Do you tell yourself something different to motivate yourself? We’re curious to know! Leave us a comment down below.