If you’ve ever been to a Barre class you’ll know that it is by no means as easy as you think it’s going to be, and the environment is like none other.  If you’ve never been we encourage you to sign up to a class at your local studio, if you go to barre class or have been – do you recognize any of these thoughts?

1.     Everyone here is so friendly and energetic! I love coming here.
2.     How do all these girls know each other?
3.     I can never get my friends to come and work out with me – wait, do my friends even workout? Omg- how do I not know what workout my friends do -they must do something – how have I never asked? – am I that self-centered?!
4.     Wow the instructor is so slim and toned
5.     I’d like my butt to look like that.
6.     There’s no way she just had a baby!
7.     Please pick a good playlist…please don’t play that cheesy pop song that I can then never get out of my head.
8.     I’m not right under the speaker, am I?!
9.     I’m eyeballing the spot at the barre I want, listen up room!  
10.  2 lbs. are fine for weights, right? I could not do 3 lbs. last time.  
11.  Woah, did they change the choreography since last time- I don’t remember feeling my abs this quickly in the last class!  
12.  When was the last time I came to class?!
13.  Ok breathing through it.
14.  Last 10 – it has to be last 10!
15.  Is anyone else sweating like I am right now?
16.  Why does no one look like they are sweating?
17.  Does anyone else visualize looking like that tomb raider chick during arms?
18.  I wonder how many classes it’ll take to get Britney abs.
19.  That’s why we’re all here right?!?
20.  Mmm... Stretching. I love stretching
21.  Yep I’m shaking – now is that the good “that’s how barre makes you shake” or am I resting on a nerve? I’m a little worried it’s a nerve…
22.  Yes I AM stronger than I think I am!
23.  I feel like I’m the only one sweating in here – why does no –one look like they are sweating?
24.  Maybe it’s all the vodka I drank over the weekend…!
25.  This seat exercise is gunna make me cry! Is anyone else close to tears? Will anyone notice if I just cry?
26.  Do we have wine at home?
27.  I feel like my butt is already lifted! I love this class.
28.   Yes, final stretch, lights down – breathing. I’m going to sleep so well tonight. Don’t close your eyes you need to get up in a minute.
29.   I love that we clap everyone- yeah – great job you!
30.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to move tomorrow.

 Did we miss a moment you always have during class? Tell us yours in the comments below.