Today’s #motivationalMay tip is all about using the power of visualization to help you reach your goals. To some, the idea of thinking your way to success might seem a bit outlandish, but you might be surprised how effective the power of visualization really is. It’s a lot like day dreaming. You’re meant to imagine reaching your goals, and then watch them come true!

It’s all in the details.
Whether you’re looking to start using visualization to help with your fitness goals or your career goals, it helps to focus on the details. Let’s pretend you have a big tennis match coming up that you really want to win. To use the power of visualization, you would imagine the entire experience from start to finish, making sure to include all the little details. You would start by visualizing yourself preparing for the match, doing your hair, tying your shoes, and listening to your favorite pre-match playlist. Then you would focus on the match itself, imagining every swing and every point. Finally, you would finish by visualizing the winning point, the congratulations from friends and other spectators, and the emotions you would be feeling at the time. Once you’ve done that, you would imagine it again and again. 

Why it works.
Visualizing yourself reaching your goals will build up your internal motivation and drive you towards those goals. On top of that there’s this little thing called the law of attraction, which says that the things you focus on are the things you attract into your life. So why not attract victory and success?

If you want to start using the power of visualization, you might want to consider starting small at first to experience the process and build faith in it. Do you have any stories about how you used the power of visualization in your life? Let us know in the comments.