You know how sometimes life gets busy, and you end up not playing tennis for a long period of time? Getting back on the court can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re jumping in to a competitive match. Here are some of the thoughts that go through our heads when we compete for the first time in a long time. 

1. I’m a little bit nervous… is that normal? 
2. Yes but this will be fun
3. It’s about “the taking part not whether you win or not”.
4. Does anyone really believe that? *thinks about concept
5. It’ll be fine
6. We’ll start with a warm up anyway. 
7.  That’ll help you find your rhythm.
8.  What if it doesn’t!!? 
9.  It will – chill out! You know how to play! 
10.  Ok I lost the toss.
11.  Wait she wants me to serve first?
12.  Who does that? 
13.  Now, I’m nervous.
14.  Crap – do I remember how to serve??? 
15.  Yes you do! Worse come to worse just make sure it goes in!  
16.  Fault – crap! 
17.  It’s ok, BREATHE!
18.  Why are you so nervous? No one is even watching.
19.  Imagine how the professionals  must feel when they play with thousands of people watching.
20.  Wow – I really don’t know how they do that! 
21.  I’m just thinking someone’s watching me, and I hit a bad a shot.
22.  Ok, less of the fantasizing.
23.  Yes – that was a good shot.
24.  I like it when it makes that sound.
25.  That means I hit it right, right? 
26.  Ha – I wonder what my opponent is thinking about.
27.  I bet she plays all the time - she has too. She doesn’t even look like she’s sweating.
28.  All I can hear is how fast my heart beat is going! It will slow down. This is good for you.
29.  I need to work out more! 
30.  Ok, breathe and concentrate. Breathe and concentrate.

Did we miss any thoughts that you have when your on the court for the first time in a long time? Let us know in the comments!