Making the decision to go to the gym can be a long, drawn out process. Seriously, curling up in a nest of blankets with a big cup of tea and our good friend Netflix sounds way more comfortable, but alas, fitness is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here’s what goes through our heads when we’re trying to motivate ourselves to leave our warm, comfortable blanket nest and go to the gym:

1.     Ok, I really need to get myself to the gym today.
2.     Yes - today is the day.
3.     Ugh – why are all the good classes on while I’m at work. It’s like we get punished for having a full-time job.
4.     Nope, nope, nope, kickboxing yoga – you’ve got to be kidding me - what even is that?! Nope, I guess it’s the gym… 
5.     Ok – you can do this. 30 mins on a machine, some abs and some arm work – stretch - done! 
6.     But what if it’s packed…
7.     If I have to wait for a machine that’s going to suck.
8.     Nope think positively and it will be a positive experience…
9.     Let me check the class schedules one more time.
10.  Nope. Ok, motivating yourself in the gym is what is happening...  
11.  I'd love a personal trainer right about now... 
12.  Ok, I’m getting changed. 
13.  Oh yes – I’ll wear my new fav 30Fifteen top.
14.  This is going to be fine. 
15.  Have I eaten enough today? Do I need a pre-workout snack? 
16.  Yeah, I’ll just sit here and have a snack with my green tea.
17.  I’m feeling healthier already. *checks for abs
18.  Nope, still need to go to the gym.
19.  Do you get Wi-Fi in the gym? I don’t want my playlist not to work… let me just make sure it’s available off line too. *waits for music to download
20.  Right ok. That’s set.
21.  I’ve got my water, another snack for after… 
22.  Ok, you don’t need anything else… just get out the door.
23.  Let me just check what everyone is doing on Instagram. *scrolls Instagram for 5 mins
24.  Ok, this is ridiculous. Go workout!!
25.  I can do this… it’ll be great - you’ll feel better after.
26.  Where are my keys?
27.  Oh for goodness sake - where are they? I just had them!!
28.  Is this a sign I should stay home and do a YouTube video instead?
29.  NO – you are going to the gym…. Ah there they are! 
30.  Ok. Let’s do this. 

What are some of the things you say to convince yourself to hit the gym? Let us know in the comments!