You're not alone in thinking how crazy life is at the moment. Things seem to be coming at us all at a record rate. It can make you feel like you're forgetting to do something, utterly overwhelmed, not knowing where to start, or like you're failing at one particular area of your life while you focus more on another. Whatever is happening in your world right now, here's 5 things you can do that will help you feel more connected to yourself, more in control of yourself and consequently more balanced. 

Eat a nutritious meal 
It's an old phrase but an important one; "A car can't be driven without any fuel" and the body is just the same. So tonight, make a delicious meal you love with protein, carbs and lots of veggies! You will thank us for it tomorrow. Need some inspiration? Why not check out one of our recipe posts from this month? (link to healthy dinner post) 

 Turn your phone off 
We know - this is not going to be easy, and if you can't commit to turning it fully off for the night - just put it on the do not disturb setting, and leave it in the least visited room in your home! Trust that everyone that knows you will know how to get hold of you if there is an emergency and a night without instagram or facebook will make you feel a lot better and hopefully allow you to  connect with those you live with.  

Take a long bath if that's your thing, but a shower will suffice. The act of cleansing the body from head to toe at night, energetically removes interactions you may have had throughout the day that could be draining your energy still. Let all that go down the plug hole literally. It also gives you the feeling of washing the day off you, allowing you to be in a calmer more relaxed frame of mind while you are at home.


When was the last time you picked up a book without falling asleep after a page and a half? You're not alone- we can't remember either! Tonight though- with no social media to check you'll have more time and energy to explore the characters in the world the author created. We're pretty sure you love to read as much as we do too, so it'll feed your soul by doing something tonight that you enjoy! 

The daily recommendation of sleep is 7-8 hours a night. So count backwards from when your alarm will go off and get to bed tonight, allowing yourself at least 7 hours of sleep tonight. 

Let us know how you felt after trying this in the comments below.