Having a meditation practice these days is no new thing, but it takes dedication and consistency. We'll admit life sometimes gets in the way of our own practice, but we do believe in the benefits it gives. Whether you have a daily practice or are just getting into meditation, we are certain you can relate to some/all/one of these 30 thoughts that show up while meditating. 

1. Ok lets get comfy…

2. I’m in my comfy chair, my legs are crossed, my eyes are closed…

3. Wait should my legs be crossed or uncrossed?

4. It’s kinda cold in here..yep I’m cold I need a sweater. *get up to get a sweater

5. Ok ok ok…I’m settling in… oh wait shit I need to time this.

6. Where’s my phone…

7. Ok timer…20 mins…lets go…

8. Right settling in, I’m closing my eyes

9. I’m turning inwards…

10. Should my palms be facing up or down? Isn’t one for receiving? I think they should be face up…

11. Ok I am now receiving

12. I choose to meditate on the word love today…

13. Ok…love love love love love love love love love….

14. Ok the word seems weird now… I wonder why love is love?

15. Ok I notice that question and I return to love.

16. love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love

17. Yep that is me on a boat in St Tropez… why am I thinking about being on a boat?

18. I love boats, I’d love to go to St Tropez, ha that just makes me think of the AbFab movie!

19. You’ve been drinking quite a bit -Do you think as much as Patsy?

20. NO STOP! You are clearing your mind, back to Love.

21. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

22. That meal on Saturday was so good. I wonder if I will ever be able to make Salmon taste that good.


24. Ooooh ok I feel good. I feel the tension leaving my body.

25. This feels good. I’d love to just lie down right now.

26. Lay my head back in this chair and just fall asleep- is that still meditating if I just have a nap?

27. No I can do this, I must nearly be at the 20 mins… I can nap after…*it’s been 5 mins

28. Maybe my phone is broken… did I actually set the timer? Should I check? No keep your eyes closed

29. I can’t feel my leg.. is that normal? It doesn’t feel normal…

30. Ok I’m opening my eyes

Were we right? Can you relate? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below. 

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