Yep, you blinked and it's Monday again! Lucky for you, we're here with some fresh new motivation! 


Life is meant to be enjoyed! We don't know how long we've all got, so making the most out of the time we do have is key! When things get hectic, or something unexpected happens, it's very easy to start to dwell on all the other bad stuff in your life. Spiralling into a deep dark tunnel of negative talk! Whatever is happening there is always something good in your life that you can focus on instead. Here's something to try this week:
Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed with life, take a deep breath and immediately think of 5 things you love about your life! Write them down if you have a pen & piece of paper near you, but immediately turning your attention on positive things in that moment will weigh out the bad stuff! Need some prompts to get you going? Try: I'm breathing, I'm alive, I can read, I can smile,  I have wifi connection.

Try it, let us know what you think in the comments below!