We've said it before, and we'll say it again, we love desserts around here, but we're also

Cool down fast with this Watermelon Chills recipe. 

30Fifteen Watermelon Chills Recipe

We love these a dessert. They are super refreshing, and ideal during the summer time. We'd be lying if we said we didn't sometimes add some vodka into the mix for a little after dinner kick. 

Made famous in the 70's but we still love a fruit salad!

30Fifteen fruit salad recipe

We know - this is very 70's but the fruit salad needs a little more attention than it gets. It's easy to put together, riduculously healthy and for some reason tastes even better in the Summer time. Don't you think?! 

High in Protein and Yumminess! 

30Fifteen Protein Pancakes

Now before you think - wait what?! Hear us out! These are so great! They are full of protein - great for the waist line and ideal for those who stick to a gluten free diet. You can also control the size of them, make a big one (European style) or lots of smaller ones (American style). We like them both, especially when we add some raspberries as a garnish! 

Try them and gives your feedback in the comments below.