Happy Monday everyone! Yep - it's here again - a day you either love or despise, or are indifferent too! Either way, here's your Motivational quote for the week! 

30Fifteen Motivational Monday quote

For many reasons, we love this weeks quote. Setbacks are often looked at as negative experiences. There's a general belief that they are proof we are not doing something right or what we are trying to accomplish is not going to work. That's not the case in the slightest. Everything happens as it should, and we encourage you to use the setback you run into and grow from the experience. More often than not, it's there to help you believe in yourself more, like the quote says "introduce us to our strength". It also is to bide you some time to really fine tune everything so when the opportunity you are seeking comes forward you are ready for it. 

Remember this when something doesn't go as you'd like, and ask yourself, what can I learn from this. 

Have a strong week!