We were at a tennis tournament recently and out of all the women players only one player didn't have a knee support on! Tennis is tough on the joints but with these five tips, you're knees should stay support free.

1). Stretch
It is so important you stretch after any workout, physical activity, especially Tennis. We know heading straight to the bar seems more appealing - we're with you, but take a moment to stretch out your quads, hamstrings and calfs before you go there. It helps the muscles recovery quicker. A lot knee pain is due to glutes and or IT band being tight. 

2). Use a Foam Roller
This is an extension from stretching. Foam rolling allows you to get deeper into the muscle, making them leaner and less tight. You can target your entire body with a foam roller and really release any tightness that could lead to knee pain. New to foam rolling? -we really like this video on foam rolling from Ashley Borden. You can watch it here. 

3). Circuit Train
Mixing light cardio with weight training will help to build muscles to support your knee joint, through gentle impact and toning. Circuit training is great for this as it combines both activities, just make sure you stretch afterwards. 

4). Hit the Pool
Swimming is the ultimate full body workout, without any impact to any of your joints. Its amazing when you're in recovery from an injury but like circuit training it will build up your strength around your joints to protect them from injury. 

5). Add Magnesium and Turmeric to your days
Magnesium and Turmeric are wonderful supplements to add to your days for a number of reasons, but when discussing protecting your knees. Magnesium strengthens bones; maintains nerve and muscle function; while Turmeric reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness allowing you to move more easily and keep your knees protected.

Tennis players protect your knees.

Did we miss something you do, that keeps your knees feeling healthy? Let us know in the comments below.