Happy Monday, we hope you feel rested and ready to handle whatever this week has to offer. If not, well, you guessed it, here's your weekly motivational quote! 

30Fifteen Motivation Quote.jpg

We are all about this quote, cause if you're anything like us and have multiple goals - causing you to sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the things you want to accomplish. Hopefully this quote will remind you and motivate you to just do your best, while being gentle with yourself. Burning out is not good for any of them, especially you. Just take each day as it comes and try your best with what you know right now! The dreams you have and the goals you want to accomplish will happen- it might not be overnight, it may even be in years to come, but doing your best and keeping focused is the only way you'll find out! So keep trying throughout the week, doing the very best you can - knowing that on days when you're tired it might be a little less than on days when you're not - know that it's ok! 

Have a beautiful week, pin this quote to your vision board or your pinterest board and stay motivated!