If you’re anything like us, this Summer might have involved more margaritas than barre classes, so once the holiday weekends were over we made a pack with ourselves to get back into that fitness regime. Which of course is no easy task especially when the warm Summer nights are still hanging around! Some think the best way to get back into it is cold turkey – take away all of the desserts, the cocktails and reading outside in the park and replace them with portion controlled meals, green tea and running on the treadmill until you think you’re going to pass out! We’re here to tell you there’s a more balanced approach to getting back into your fitness regime and it feels a lot nicer on your body and your soul. So here’s some easy steps you can go through to ease yourself back in to working out and regaining some energy.  

If you’ve read a post from our blog even just once – you’ll know we are very much about listening to our bodies and respecting what it needs day by day, trying not to look outside at what works for other people, more so tuning into ourselves as individuals. That being the truth here is a


First step is to take a moment to look at all the areas of your life and make a note of what needs to have less attention and replace it with what needs more attention. Whether it means scheduling regular workouts or prepping your meals so you’re getting those daily recommendations of fruit and veg. Take a moment to review what your routines have been and plan what you want it to look like.


When it comes to working out, if you’re not enjoying it – it won’t last. This seems like an obvious thing to say but you’d be surprised by how many people think that willpower alone will keep them running 6 miles four times a week. Don’t kid yourself- it won’t! If you hate running –cool, so do so many people – it’s also such a high impact activity that you’ll probably end up doing more harm than good to your body. Have some fun exploring what type of workout you like, or maybe even try a team sport – like tennis (duh) or soccer, volleyball…the beauty of us living in 2017 is that there are so many new studios and styles of workouts constantly being introduced, there’s bound to be somewhere that’s offering something you’ll enjoy. Have a search in your neighborhood for fun new workout classes you might like to try and go out and try them! The worst thing that can happen is you don’t enjoy it but the best thing is you could love it and find an activity you want to go do every week! When you’re moving your body in a way that you enjoy, the easier it’ll be to stay active.


It’s very easy to get all excited about stepping up your workout routine and going all out the first week and be completely burnout by the second week, resulting in you back to square one by the third week! Be realistic. You’ve just enjoyed a very relaxed Summer, and you’re not training to compete in the Olympics, take it steady. If you’ve not been doing much at all just add one or two days of working out into your schedule the first week, then slowly increase your workout lengths and sessions. Be gentle with yourself you won’t get to your goal any quicker if you’re burning yourself out!


This comes up a lot when you’re reaching for any goal, and we’ve mentioned this multiple times in multiple blog posts but it’s true what they say “you’re like the five people you spend most of your time with”. We’re not saying cut everyone out of your life if they aren’t working out or treating their bodies well, we’re saying make sure people around you are allowing you to be your best self. Allowing you to work towards goals you have and things you want to do, and make sure you’re treating them the same way, even if their goals seems silly or far-fetched, encourage them, support them, motivate them, it’s more likely that they will do the same for you.  


Living a healthy lifestyle in no means needs to be boring. In fact, you’ll be surprised how much your mood elevates just by adding in a couple of hours of movement into your weekly routine. Have fun finding cool new music to listen too, if you’re playing a team sport – enjoy the social element to it and above all don’t take it too seriously! Life (all areas) are meant to be enjoyed so make sure you find the fun in even the mundane, because that’s what’s it all about.