We were so honoured to have Aniek Van Koot wear 30Fifteen at the US Open this Summer. We wanted to find out more about how she prepares for her matches, what she loves most about 30Fifteen, and more. 

How do you prepare aead of any big match? (Do you have a routine you always stick too or...? ) 

I always warm up at least an hour before my match. After my warm up at least an hour before my match. After my warm up I get changed and have a bite to eat. Then I prepare my rackets (change grips) whilst listening to some tunes on my phone. Spice Girls always gets me motivated! 

What did it feel like to play your first match of the US Open on the Arthur Ashe Stadium? 

When I first found out the night before that we were going to play there, I initially freaked out! - but then we warmed up on the court, I felt incredibly excited! What an honour it is to play in such a big stadium! I loved every moment of it. And to get the win in the end, it was awesome!

What do you like most about 30Fifteen? 

It gives me the girly/feminine feeling on the court, which I totally love. Tennis and fashion can be combined, and 30Fifteen does that for me. I love the Ashley Polo top! But the Anna Dress in black & blue is also one of my favs! 

Do you have a fav motivational quote? 

Yes. "You is kind, you is smart, you is beautiful"