Happy Monday blog readers! As always we are here with a motivational quote. 
"Dare to Begin" 

Motivational Monday 30Fifteen quote.jpg

We hope todays quote gives you the motivation to move towards your goals, dreams. If it's starting a new fitness regime, or daily/weekly routine, we encourage you, just like the quote - to just begin! It's all to easy to give in to the fearful voices we tell ourselves "But what if I fail?", "I don't think I can do this" "I'm not good, smart, healthy etc enough". We're here to remind you YOU ARE, YOU CAN, AND IT'S OK! You'll never know the answer to a question if you don't ask, and you'll never know if you'll fail unless you try! Whatever it is you need motivation for this week, we dare you to begin! The procrastinating stops today! Go for it, before you miss the chance!