This week's workout post is dedicated to a circuit workout. A quick and effective way to get your heart rate up and you sweat on! This workout is great if you are limited on time and space, meaning you can do this workout anywhere. It targets your entire body and gets that cardio in too! 

30Fifteen workout wednesday.jpg

If you don't have a jump rope, you have two options, you can just pretend you do or you can substitute it for high knees. That will get your heart rate up as efficiently as jumping rope. 
We recommend you take a couple of minutes break between each rep so you can recover but keep your heart rate up. 
Make sure you warm up before and cool down after so your body gets the most out of this workout. 

*Please note these instructions are very basic guides. If you are new to exercise, please contact your doctor / physician to check you can workout safely. We also advise you find a gym or fitness studio near you and sign up for some personal training before attempting to practice alone. We cannot be held responsible for an injury caused by following these instructions.