If you've got a pulse and have even a slight interest in tennis (you're ready this so we're guessing you apply), you'll have been watching the US Open. The tournament this year has been exciting but it just got a whole lot more exciting as the women's wheelchair championship began yesterday, and Dutch player Aniek Van Koot is competing wearing 30Fifteen. 
So this week's facts are all about Aniek! 

1) The Netherlands born player started competing at 10 years old.

2) Aniek wore 30Fifteen back in 2013 when she won the singles and doubles US Open Wheelchair championship. (We're hoping it'll bring her the same success this year at the championships). 

3) Aniek plays left handed, but when she was very young she played with both hands, so had no backhand!!

4) Aniek admits she can get a little angry at herself sometimes on court - but says "it's that same 'spice' that helps me to keep fighting on the court"

5) Next to tennis, Aniek's fav hobby is shopping, and admits, being in New York for the championship is extremely dangerous!! 

Aniek Van Koot 30Fifteen US Open

Aniek takes to the court today to play Kgothatso Montjane in the singles. Keep a close eye on our social media pages for more pictures the 30Fifteen looks she wears!