The love of Tennis, is deep rooted here at 30Fifteen, we’re playing a lot. So, like all tennis players we can truly relate to all of these; can you?  

Tan Lines

Does your S.O. comment on how white your feet are in-comparison to the rest of your body? Yep - you're not alone, every tennis player gets the same reaction to their feet, if only there were enough fake tan to put on your feet to even attempt to even it out! 

Bagels - The Breakfast Of Champions

Bagels are easily a tennis players fav meal. There is nothing like winning a game 6-0 to jump-start your day, and a bagel will fuel you enough to do that...* this is not sponsored by bagels! 

You've Handled Double Faults, You Can Handle Anything

Double Faulting feels awful; it hurts, it's frustrating and you sure as hell don't want to go through it again.. Tennis has taught you to shake it off when you're a failure and try even harder on the next serve. Quite possibly, life skills at its best.

Tennis Balls...Everywhere! 

They're in your car, in your house, bags, you name it, there's probably a tennis ball. With that, there's probably also yellow fuzz! That stuff gets everywhere, but you're used to it - an accepted fact of life! 

Matching Your Nail Polish To Your Tennis Outfit

To some a little step too far, but feeling good on the court helps by looking good, and for us, we'll we take it that extra step further. This week we're sporting our Alethia dress in Grey and Pink so, so pink are our nails! What's your nail colour?