You’ve got the rules of tennis down, you know how to keep score, who’s responsible to calling it out etc., but are you aware of the unwritten rules? Let’s face it a lot of these are common sense, and good manners but worth noting, as the last thing you want to be is responsible for someone losing a game!!

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Here they are:

1. No one should do anything to distract either player

2. If you schedule a time to play, be there on time!
(This goes for anything, your time is no more valuable than anyone elses)

3. Never walk onto a court where a point is in progress. In tournament situations, wait until the game is OVER before entering a court beside a game.

4. Before you play, greet your opponent in a friendly manner

5. Server always begins a point with at least two balls in his/her possession.

6. The server should announce the point before serving each point

7. In situations in which there are no officials, you are responsible for officiating on your side of the net and trust your opponent to do so on his/her side of the net. You are also responsible for calling, loudly and clearly, the lines on your side of the net. According to tennis tradition, you should give your opponent the benefit of any doubt.

8. Don’t talk while the ball is in play. the exception is in doubles when is permissible for partners to call "yours" or "mine" in order to communicate with each other.

9. Leave the court in a neat condition when you leave. Clean up empty ball cans, wrappers, and other debris. When others are waiting, do not monopolize the courts. Know the rules for court usage (usually posted on the fence) and follow them. Some players indicate that they are waiting for your court by placing a racket in the fence.

10. Spectators should sit in the area provided for spectators. Applaud good play after the point is completed. Tennis tradition dictates that you applaud only the good shots made by either side. Spectators are spectators – not line umpires.

Did we cover them all? Is there an unwritten rule we missed that people should know? Leave it in the comments below!

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