Whether you’ve moved to a new area and lost your previous partner, or are looking for the first time, it can sometimes be a little hard to find someone with a similar schedule as yours who is at roughly the same level as you too! If you’re looking for someone to step onto the court with, hit some balls, practice some technique and have some fun with this is how you can find one.

6 Ways To Finding a Hitting Partner

Ask Your Local Tennis Club

You’ve got to play somewhere, so why not pop down to your local club, while enquiring about how much court rentals are, as them if they have a list of plays at your level you can reach out too. Most tennis players are eager to get on the court as much as often so an email or a call would be welcome to many.

Make Friends At Tournaments

As adults, it can be harder to put down your walls and aim to make some new friends, but if you’re playing tournaments – talk to people! See if they want to hit some balls with you between tournaments… we’re not suggesting you have to be best buds with your hitting partner, but opening up to people and confidently seeing if they are interested is a great way to set up a hitting date. Bonus- you’ve already played with/against them so you’ll know immediately if practicing together would be good or not.    

Join A Tennis Club / Clinic

This is quite possibly the easiest way to meet someone you can hit some balls with. Most tennis clubs are hugely social, with a bar in the clubhouse, and hold multiple clinics or social afternoons. Our local club, holds social afternoons on Saturdays, which are open to anyone available on the day.. you just pay as you go, open to all levels. It’s an amazing way to play some tennis, but also meet potential hitting partners!

Post Contact Info At The Courts

Whether you play at a club or use the free local courts, there will most definitely be a noticeboard. Why not put a little card up with your name and email stating your looking for a hitting partner on Saturdays for example… we know it’s an old school way, but sometimes they are the best!

Join/Create A Facebook Or Linkedin Tennis Group For Your Local Area

If you are more tech savy this might be a better way to go- online! Creating a group for your local area whether it’s on Linkedin or Facebook could be a great way to find a hitting partner. Facebook groups are hugely popular right now, and more people are probably checking their facebook or Linkedin accounts than they are noticeboards these days.

So as we conclude there are a number of ways you can find someone to hit with. We’re pretty sure if you attempt any of these or all of these, you will eventually find a new hitting partner. Good luck – let us know in the comments below how you found your hitting partner!