When it’s dark when you wake up and dark before you get home from work, it can be hard to feel motivated and positive about the Winter months ahead. So, we thought we’d slow things down and hopefully refresh your memory on what is awesome about Fall/Autumn.

Crisp Fall Days:

When the sky is blue and the air is fresh, taking long walks to enjoy the weather is refreshing and enjoyable. Grab the kids or the dog and head outside!


Whether you carve into it to make a lantern, use it in the kitchen or just place it outside for your fall decoration, picking out the right one can be a fun task to enjoy with friends and family! Trips to a pumpkin patch are Autumn only activities that make this time of the year feel pretty fun!



Apple Picking:

There isn’t anything more Autumn/Fall than apple picking in our minds! This quintessentially Fall activity can be enjoyed at any age! Turn your apples into pies, muffins or even cider!

Autumn/Fall Baking:

With all the terrific foods in season right now, a lot of baking seems to be going on! So, why not get involved! Just thinking about Pumpkin pies, apple crumble and other autumn pastries is getting our mouths watering. Why not try one of these delicious recipes

Autumn Baking.jpg

 Leave Colours:

Certain areas of the world are treated to the beautiful sight of watching the leaves change colour each Autumn. Reds, Oranges, Yellows create beautiful scenery! There is something very magical seeing this change in season right before your eyes! If you don’t happen to live in an area where you can see these, why not take a trip or mini getaway to witness nature at it’s finest.


Share your fav things about this time of the year with us, in the comments below or private message us! We want to keep the positivity flowing!