When the end of the month arrives, our brains almost instantly start reviewing, what’s been and planning of what’s next. Especially now as we enter the end of the year, the holidays are creeping up, businesses slow down and plans for next year begin. Before, you start switching off, and planning for next year, why not make the most of the next two months. It can be tough when family brings demands, or work doesn’t seem to want to slow down, so here’s some simple things you can do to enjoy the next couple of months. Ideally stress free!

Tie Up Those Loose Ends

When you think about going into the New Year, we think about a fresh new start, but you can’t do that if you go into it with a pile of admin from the previous year to get done. So, tackle it all now, those loose ends that is. What one or two (or lets be honest six things) have you been resolving to do forever but just can’t seem to finish? The time is now, clear out the decks, wrap up projects, organize those files. You’ll be thankful come January!

Focus On Relationships

It’s the most social time of the year, so why not use it to your advantage. Reach out to  your extended family, old classmates, former colleagues and any other business contacts you never know where the conversation might take you. At the very least you’ll have a mediocre chat with  a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine but it could open a door to an interesting new year! Who knows, go pick up the phone!

Do Sprints

We’re not talking the running, kind although during this time of the year with all those yummy treats and extra couple of vinos, they might be a good idea. However, we’re talking about knowing when it’s time to hustle, and when it’s time to just let go with the flow. Instead of evenly passing your work load out during the next few months, see where you can block work together “sprint” get a lot done in a shorter period of time, i.e. clock in a couple longer days so you can have some extra time to enjoy the holidays and get in some much needed rest!