It’s officially fall which means it’s the perfect season for picking apples. It can be a super fun day out or afternoon for the entire family, but what do you do with all those apples afterwards?

Here’s some recipe ideas you can do with the apples after you’ve picked them:

Apple Sauce In A Slow Cooker

Any apple will work for this recipe. The real key to making applesauce is time, which makes it perfect for the slow cooker. Apple sauce can be enjoyed with pork chops, on its own or even on some ice cream.

apple sauce in a slow cooker.jpg

 Roasted Apple and Winter Squash Soup

Roasting apple and squash together with onion helps bring out their natural sweetness. This is a great winter soup for any time of the day!

Roasted apple winter squash soup.jpg

Homemade Pizza With Fennel, Prosciutto and Apples

Whether you want to make the crust yourself or start with a prepared dough, homemade pizza can be super fun for the entire family! Keep to a creamy sauce and start adding your fav ingredients including those freshly picked apples!


What are you making with those apples? Share your recipes with us!