Getting yourself to the gym can be an utter mission at times, and if you’ve been consistent with it you might just feel bored/burnt out from it at the moment. Instead of giving up completely, just take a little detour and get your heart rate up in other ways. Here’s some ideas that don’t require a gym membership


Dance Party Indoors

There is nothing like a good dance in your house. Put on your fav music and just dance it all out! You’ll be surprised how sweaty you get in such a short space of time! It’s that idea of no one watching you, you’re able to let out any expression you need too. Failing that, have a mini dance party where ever you feel, alone or with friends or family, if you feel the beat go with it!


Run Up And Down Your Stairs

Whether you have stairs in your house, up to your apt or in the office, why not get your heart rate up by walking or if you’re super adventurous and steady on your feet, run up and down them. If you’re running do it in intervals allowing yourself some time to recover in between, and if you’re walking – keep a steady pace consistently for 30 minutes! This is a great workout for the cold Winter months too!


Run With Your Dog

This essentially is just running, so if you don’t have a dog you can still do it. It’s just perhaps not as fun or as spontaneous. Since, you’re required not just to run, but to switch up the direction as if you’re playing with your dog (or actually playing with your dog if you have one). Again this will get your heart rate up quicker than you imagine, and is fun for both you and your dog!