If you rely on public transport to get you to and from work, there’s a high chance you’re already over it. It’s a novelty for about a week and then it can just be the part of your day you dread. So, let’s put an end to this, and actually make your commute a time you look forward too! Here’s 6 Things you can do on your commute to be happier  

Listen for inspiration

Whether you’re into podcasts, audio books or a specific radio channel, listening to something that makes you happy can do wonders for your mood.

You may even find a source of inspiration to listen too during your commute, recorded affirmation or just an uplifting audiobook/podcast. If that doesn’t sound like something you’d do, then feel good music is a great option, to get you pumped up ready for the day ahead. Avoid, slow sad songs on your commute, music has a huge impact to your mood, lets keep it positive!   

Draft Emails

Not a lover of writing emails from mobile devices? We understand. But when your commute deteriorates, and you want to use the time productively. Here’s a suggestion. Draft them. Draft the longer email messages you’ll need to get out once you get in the office, save them and then they are there waiting for you to use. That way you’ll feel less stressed, since you’ve been productive and therefore happier.

Absorb Company News

New company press, CEO newsletter, new hires, all that info that gets thrown your way, that you tell yourself you’ll read at the beginning of the day, but never get around to it. Use your commute. Make sure you bookmark any articles before you board so you can access them easily. Gaining new information or knowledge helps you feel good about yourself and therefore happier.

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Refine Your To Do List

We strongly suggest you take some time out of your commute to do this. What must you prioritize? What needs attention? What can wait? Not having to devote an ounce of energy to this when you start your day can save you time and stress. You know what awaits, and you can focus predictably when it’s time to start working.

If you drive in, why not call your office line and leave a message with your to do list, or reminders. Others, just jot it down in a way that is helpful to you.  

 Track Accomplishments

Small wins or big wins, track them down, because you will forget about them if you leave them untouched for too long. So, using your commute to write down (on paper or screen) what you have accomplished, is a big mood booster. It can be easy on a commute, especially one you don’t enjoy, to allow your mind to go negative and in turn start your day in the wrong mental state. Instead, track what you have accomplished, it will motivate you to the next goal.


Spending your entire commute every day on being productive with work tasks, will make you hate your commute again, so make sure on some days you spend it to detach. Plan your social events and activities to do with the family at the weekend, then take some time to completely switch off. Meditate, use apps if your new to meditation, or just zone into the music you’re listening too. If thoughts come up to distract you away from the music, notice them then return to the music. Allowing your mind to detach from your thoughts, is crucial to your mental health, and eases stress.