You're not alone in thinking January is the longest month, because it did begin to feel pretty brutal towards the end! February is now here, and we can all breathe a small sigh of relief that, Spring is closer than it was. 

February (whether you like it or not) is always centered around love, and who do we love the most? You guys, our customers, our followers, our readers. Throughout the entire month of February we're running a lucky dip! 

Every day this month, you can win a 30Fifteen outfit!! 

30fifteen Ashley kara looks

Here's how it's going to work: 

1). 28 prizes are going into a bowl aka the lucky dip
(These prizes are all merchandize). 
2). We'll pull a prize out of the bowl aka the lucky dip
(It will be announced on our instagram account, so make sure you're following @30fifteen)

3). You can enter at any point during the month of February.
Entrance to the lucky dip competition will close Feb 27th midnight E.T. 
4). On March 1st we will select at random the 28 winners
(This will be announced on our Instagram stories, then each winner will be contacted directly via their email address)

How do you enter? Sign up below....