Some days staying positive can feel like an uphill battle. Maybe it was stressful, or involved a heated conversation or even just an off day – whatever it is, you have the power to control your mood and improve it.

If you’re looking for ways to turn a bad mood around, and improve your mood instantly (well, really quickly at least), here’s some options.


1.     Listen To Music

I’m going to come right out and say, not Adele! We love her, but you want something a little more upbeat that won’t necessarily make you think of the ex that broke your heart! That will defeat the object. Think fun, dance party in the kitchen, belt out in the car kind of tunes. Music that doesn’t make you think just makes you feel good! Need a little help? Here’s 20 songs that make us feel good.



2.     Take A Walk In Nature

This might be our fav suggestion, walking in nature can be extremely healing! Depending where your geographically located, taking a walk through a park or by the beach can bring instant peace and serenity. While you’re out, try and focus on all the beauty that surrounds you, that alone can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. There is also something about being outside that allows you easily reflect and see things from a new perspective.



3.     Watch Your Fav Movie Or Tv Show

There is something about getting absorbed in the lives of others that makes us forget our own. This short period of downtime can help us gain a new perspective and can allow us to see things from a different point of view. When you’re feeling a little blue, get lost in the world of make believe, the effects are not only therapeutic but will help shift your mood and give you the ability to tackle any obstacle with a fresh mindset!



4.     Give Someone A Hug

That “I just want a hug” feeling intensifies when we are feeling sad, stressed and overwhelmed. It’s been proven that when you stimulate the pressure receptors in the skin, you lower stress hormones, also touching others stimulates oxytocin, which has positive effects on our mood. No one’s around? Rubbing your forehead, hands and neck as a self-massage has been shown to decrease heart rate and reduce the stress-hormone cortisol in our systems, and therefore bettering our mood! (Schweet)!


things that went well.jpg

5.     Think About What Went Well

Consciously focusing on the good stuff immediately gives anything stressing you out or making you feel blue less energy. Sometimes it’s hard to just think about the good things, so we encourage you to write them down. Think of three positive moments in your day (big or small), or three things that are good in your life (if the day really was just a complete disaster from start to finish)! Mentally revisiting these good moments will help bring back the good mood and feelings they initially created.

Although these techniques will definitely boost your mood, the more you look on the bright side, the more you focus on all that you have to be grateful for, the easier it will be for your mood to stay elevated and positive.

How do you improve your mood? Share below.