Winter feels like it's lasting forever, and our motivation to get to a class, outside to run or head to the gym is dwindling. So, we thought we'd share some workouts we love to do at home.


If you've ever stepped into a pure barre studio - you'll know why we love this workout so much. It's a combination of pilates and barre - basically a lot of toning and stretching. Very small moves targeting the areas every woman wants to have lean muscle. The workouts are excellently designed. In studio the classes are 55 minutes, but on Pure Barre Demand there are a variety of workout lengths, target areas etc. 

Why we love it: Because it just makes sense with womens bodies, you see results really quickly and you feel taller and stronger at the end of every class. If you happen to go into a more senior instructors class you'll leave feeling more confident too. There are lots of videos available so you won't find yourself doing the same one twice (unless you want too). Downside is the subscription is a little pricey - but we think it's a good investment! 


Yes there are loads of free yoga videos to be found on youtube - even ours!  But we are big fans of what style of videos they have on myyogaworks.com. They are all technically strong teachers and you know you're in safe hands as you practice (well, as safe as possible when you're following along with a instructional video potentially alone). 

Why we love it: There are a lot of videos to choose from, all different lengths and levels. You have the option to sign up for a series, that will keep you accountable to your yoga practice or if you're just looking to work towards a more advance pose they have those type of videos too. They seem to cover most things one would be looking for. It's also super affordable. If you're a member at a yogaworks you may even be eligible for a free subscription to the website. Ask in your studio! Yoga is great not just for your body, but for your mind and body. How you feel and what you learn on the mat can be taken through into life with you, making your a more compassionate, healthy, balanced individual. 



We've been circuit training and building our own indoors ones for over a decade. Circuit training is great for those who get bored easily when working out, because the different stations keep it interesting. It also encourages you to use your brain prior to working out by planning it all out. 

Why we love: It can target the entire body or just work a specific area of your body. It's a great fun way to workout at home and costs absolutely nothing (if you don't need any equipment). Using cans of food or water bottles as weights and towels for mats are a great way to utlize what you have in the house.  We love the alphabet game too - which is a great example of getting creative with your circuit building.