Making sure you track your goals is as important as setting them in the first place. If you check our blog regularly you’ll know we talking about tracking goals here. Sometimes, we’ll review our progress and realizing things need to alter slightly. This is the beauty of keeping track.

We’re into the third month of 2018 – how do you feel? Have you been reviewing your goals – do you feel like you’re making the progress you hoped? If you’re feeling like things need to be altered and the goals you have need to be changed then – there’s no time like right now.  

Here’s three steps to kickstart your goals and get back on track



"Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine." Roy T  Benett

A common mistake to goal setting is to put too much emphasis on visualizing or imagining our life the way we want it. Instead of just changing your screensaver to the remote island in the south pacific you want to vacation too, take the courage to use the other four physical sense at your use (touch, smell, hearing and taste).

For example: If buying a new car is your goal – explore these ideas
1)    Test drive the car of your dreams and feel what it’s like
2)    Make car shaped cookies
3)    Name your new savings account ‘New car”
4)    Watch car movies or change your ringtone to a sound of a revving engine

This can be applied to any goal. Just make sure you’re using all five senses

This tactile focus could inspire enough courage to ask for a raise – look for a better job or work towards highering your education. Whatever your goal – you need to get a sense of courage to make actionable steps to pursue it and this is a great way to do just that.



“Dare to live by letting go” Tom Althouse

Know what it is you want and aspire but remove any limits on how you think you’ll achieve your goals/dreams. Most people whose goals have become a reality will tell you they came in a way they never could have thought possible. You must stay open to the opportunities that are around you – they are waiting for you to see and act. Be open to discovering new doors and pathways that open before you, simply because you are willing to explore.

More actionable steps would be to get involved in groups that are focused towards your goals. Say if you’re aiming to launch a new project – find networking groups in your community where you can talk about your new project and get feedback. Or if you’re trying to change careers – ask someone you respect to be your mentor.

You oversee your life, so keep self-improving, self-determined and stay clear about what your dreams are.



"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." Henry David Thoreau (Walden)


If you are not achieving your goals or dreams, it could be because these conflict with your core values. Or it could be that your values need a review!

Values are at the heart of what motivates you and the way we live. There hundreds of common values including honesty, service, love and health. If your goal is to exercise three times a week – and you’re failing at it. Your health value is out of sync. You may need to take some time to review your beliefs around it and consciously remind yourself everyday of this goal until it shines.

To approach this – you need to right down your top five values. To do this – sit and write down all the ‘to-do’ items swirling in your brain. Every. One. It’s important not to self-censor an item as silly or insignificant. If it comes up – write it down. Then highlight the top five – that are most important to you. For example: If you wrote down start a retirement fund – a value could be freedom or security. If you write something down that you think you should do rather than something you feel inspired to do. Try and find a way to rephrase it so it aligns with your values and inspires you to want to do it. If you can’t- drop it from the list.

Once your new value list is finalized, write 10 actions against each value and put a time frame on each of them – be realistic with this time frame and then get going. You will be surprised how motivated and excited you’ll feel about getting these things done and therefore improving your life! When you complete an item. Revisit the list and add another item to it. Continue this to keep your motivation and excitement alive!