Does it feel like you’re the only person not meditating these days!? You’re not alone! Everyone seems to spend some time once a day sitting with their thoughts, so why not you too. Meditation at first can be super hard for some – it can be difficult to know where to begin and/or what you’re meant to be doing. It can also be challenging to find the time, be able to sit still or keep your mind from racing! These are all experiences most people have when starting out with a meditation practice. We suggest just being as patient and loving with yourself as possible.

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Let’s get to it – what are the benefits of meditation?

Well, there are a lot, so we’re just going to focus on our top five benefits of having a meditation practice.

1.     Understand Pain

Mental pain and anxiety are a background noise that can underlie much of what we do. Meditation allows you to see firsthand what’s causing it. Knowing a cause can help address an issue that you might have been avoiding.

2.     Lower Stress

There’s an abundance of research that proves stress causes a lot of illnesses and worse. Mindfulness decreases stress, and in turn improves your health

3.     Connect Better

Ever find yourself staring blankly at a friend, lover, child or you’ve no idea what they are saying? Mindfulness helps you give them your full attention, because meditation helps you practice this daily. Mindfulness also makes you more present to your emotions and reactions allowing interactions with family, friends and coworkers a lot less draining or emotional.

4.     Improve Focus  

It can be frustrating and overwhelming to not focus long enough to complete a task. Mindfulness hones our innate ability to focus, which in turn makes life feel less stressful as your to-do list actually gets shorter!

5.     Reduce Brain Chatter

We are constantly having conversations with ourselves - that chattering voice in our head never seems to stop. Isn’t it time you gave it a break? During meditation you’re giving it a chance to have a rest. Making it easier to focus your thoughts on more beneficial ones.

We’re certain you will give yourself so many excuses at first as to why not to meditate. We’ve heard and said some of these ourselves.

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“Sounds Boring” 
Sure, but also a relief that you get 10-20 mins with no obligation to do something or be somebody.
“I can’t sit still”
There’s this misconception that you can’t move when you’re mediating! This is untrue – you can totally move a body part during mediation – as your body relieves stress from your body it will involuntarily move, and fidgeting is fine too! It will get easier with time to stay still – no one starts out sitting like a rock!
“I don’t have time”
Is the majorities excuse for everything! Especially mediation. Time crunches stress us all these days. However, taking a time out from rushing around may just help you use your time more efficiently!  

Meditation aids your life in so many ways, and we encourage you to just start. A great app to get you started is headspace. Is there an app you use to help you meditate? Share them in the comments below.