Scrolling through social media it’s hard not to think you’re the only one who finds it hard to get motivated to work out. We’re here to remind you that – we’re all human and sometimes (or always) it’s harder to get yourself to workout than the actual workout itself. When trying to get motivated to do – well anything – not just working out – you need to overcome the mind chatter that talks you out of doing something. Telling yourself you are going to go often isn’t enough. Instead, you take an action that switches your mindset – that will ensure you get out the door or to the place in your house that you workout.

Here are our tips that will hopefully get you motivated to get that workout done!

Plan It Out

At the start of every week -we suggest Sunday- map out exactly when you are going to workout into your calendar! Be realistic with your planning – don’t write in you’re going to make the Thursday 6am spin when you know you’re meeting a friend after work for drinks Wed. You won’t make the spin class and you’ll just beat yourself up! Instead, perhaps pen in a Monday workout if you know your Sunday is pretty mellow and your schedule allows it. Planning when you’re going to workout will get you feeling motivated

Take a Shower

This sounds kind of weird since you’re going to (hopefully) get all sweaty during your workout, but it’s a great way to switch gears. Often we plan to workout after work, and some days work makes us stressed out, angry (enter the appropriate emotion here). Therefore, by taking a shower, you are physically washing away emotions, energies that built up during the day, turning your attention to more positive healthy things like moving your body.  

Caffeine for motivation.jpg


This sounds obvious if you’re working out in the morning or afternoon, but even in the evening, have a cup of joe or a green tea, is a great caffeine boost to help you achieve a good workout. It will also give you a boost in energy and brain alertness making you feel motivated to get that workout done!

Eat Something Satisfying

There’s no denying it – you need to fuel your body before you workout, but it’s also great to get you motivated to go. Focusing your mind on creating a pre workout snack or meal will inspire you to actually go and workout. It will also give you additional energy you will want to use. *Bonus!

Get Dressed

Obviously, we don’t recommend heading to workout in the nude – unless that’s your thing! But changing into workout apparel is a key step to getting you motivated to go workout. Some people suggest sleeping in your workout apparel so to make that 6am class all you have to do is clean your teeth and you’re set to go!